Pukemaire te Maunga
Waiapu te Awa
Ngāti Porou te Iwi

Pōtikirua ki Waiapu te rohe
Tikitiki te wā kaenga
Rāhui te marae
Rongomaiāniwaniwa te wharetipuna
Tāwhiwhirangi te wharekai
Te Whānau a Hinerupe ki Waiapu te hapū

Whānaunga: Ngapuhi, TainuiNgai Tahu

Research Summary:

Applied linguistics investigates insights, principles, and theories gained from linguistic studies of languages and explores how these aspects can be implemented to address issues associated with the teaching and learning of a second, additional, and/or foreign language in all its facets.

My research explores different theories and approaches in grammatical descriptions that focuses on ‘semantics’ or ‘meaning of language in context’ rather than ‘syntactic analysis’ as a logical starting point for the describing of English, and, in particular, the Māori language. It explores communicative approaches, communicative competence theory, communicative language teaching, semantics, notions, inter-propositional and intra-propositional relations and how all these things can impact on the design and implementation of pedagogically-oriented descriptions of languages.

Industry: Education
Sector: Social Science
Subject: Applied Linguistics

Main Interest:
. Discourse analysis
. Approaches to second language teaching and learning
. Semantic and grammatical descriptions of Māori
. Professional development for Māori language teachers
. Teacher education for Māori language teachers

Related Interests:
. Syllabus design
. Curriculum design
. Language planning and policy
. Resource development
. Assessment design and implementation
. Translation theory and application
. Transcribing methodology
. Māori language revitalisation models
. Adult and Community Education (ACE)

. PhD Candidate (Applied) in Applied linguistics
. Master of Arts (Applied) in Applied Linguistics
. Postgraduate Diploma in Second Language Teaching
. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) main subject Māori language
. Te Tohu Paetahi (Akoranga reo Māori rumaki)

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