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Government response to Te Reo Mauriora report in July 2011.

The Government is due to give a statement based on their analysis and careful consideration of the Te Reo Mauriora report released by Te Paepae Motuhake (TPM) in April, 2011.  The statement will be a ‘…Government response’ to the report and will be released during Māori language week, 4-10 July, 2011 with a focus on further development of a new Māori language strategy for confirmation in early 2012

source: Te Waka Reo, National Language Policy, May 2011.

This will be a critical and trying time for the design stages of a new Māori language strategy especially with a proposed confirmation date set for early 2012. The complexities involved in such planning should ideally be framed within a structure that considers the philosophical, social and administrative factors of the whole in order to contribute to the planning of an educational program (Allen, 1984, p. 61).  The structure or framework should incorporate the design and implementation principles of curriculum, programme, course, syllabus, unit, lesson, stage and task depending on which principle(s) have priority. The curriculum stage, for example, will involve Government intervention as it addresses ‘why’ there is a need and justification for the design and implementation of a proposed educational programme, especially in the case of a Māori Language Strategy plan which is of National importance. A plan that will unequivocally include writing up new policies.

It is clear that the Te Reo Mauriora report will be subjected to careful Government analysis and consideration and therefore raises some issues of concern such as what will the Government be considering, who will actually analyse the report or does the Government have a readily, selected panel of language experts that will carry out the task and what are the criteria for selecting these experts, keeping in mind that this would probably exclude members of  Te Paepae Motuhake who are the actual authors of the report. Furthermore, the design or development stage is only one half of a formula with implementation as the other both sitting at opposite ends of the spectrum, therefore how will the plan be implemented or carried out in practice. This important component, of course would be considered during the design and developmental stages.

I will try to follow these developments as they unfold and post updates as often as possible. In the meantime, I will do some investigative work in trying to find answers to some of the questions I have posed here.

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