Maori language strategy launched

One million dollars; three general objectives; a three year time-frame and more research to find ways to increase the use and speakers of te reo Māori is the latest initiative in planning for Māori language development. A familiar plan that presents the ‘what’ needs to be done, but I’m more interested in the specificities of ‘how’ will it be done. What will the language strategy look like; what are the aims that will achieve the objectives; in what areas and levels of expertise and professionalism will be needed to carry out the plan; who is the target audience and what will a million dollars of results look like. The list goes on….

I hope there will be more interest in the design and implementation of specialized training programmes specifically for Māori language teachers that cover a range of Māori epistemological and applied linguistic topics and issues to inform and guide the teaching and learning of Māori as a Second Language. The major function of these programmes should provide teacher education and professional development for Māori language teachers to increase awareness in areas such as, SLT methodologies; learners’ styles and strategies; teaching competency; meticulous planning strategies; discourse and language analysis as examples of content. Not easy to do, but I believe will be worthwhile and fruitful.

Networking will be a good start…

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