He kupu whai whakaaro nui mō Tīhema

Kia tika, ka rere noa atu
Accuracy precedes Fluency

An important process of learning a second language is the vital sequencing of accuracy before fluency. Both accuracy and fluency, although situated at opposite ends of the same continuum, work in close proximity of each other to provide departure and destination points for the language learning journey, that is, your departure point is the level of competency that you are at in te reo (e.g. beginner) and your destination is to become a fluent, native-like speaker. These reference points are guided by the principles of accuracy and fluency in order to measure the development of a learner’s competency in the four language skills.

Kia tika – developing and achieving accuracy in all four language skills, that is, speaking and writing (productive skills); reading and listening (receptive skills).

Ka rere noa atu – developing and achieving fluency in conjunction with accuracy development is critical in becoming a fluent speaker.

Departure (accuracy)—[four language skills] —Destination (fluency)
speaking and writing – reading and listening

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