Te Paepae Motuhake

I think Te Paepae Motuhake (Māori Language Review Panel) can play an important role in collecting, analyzing and interpreting critical information about the Māori language as they sit in counsel and interact at the fore-front with iwi, hapū, whānau and individuals. As there is minimal information about TPM, it is my own understanding and conjecture that their prime directive is to ‘review’ the Māori language sector and strategy. This commission to ‘review’ seems to imply that the process of data collection, analysis and interpretation could be an initial stage in a grand plan to provide a theoretical framework in preparation for a second stage, that is, to inform the design and implementation of appropriate solutions to complex issues concerning te reo Māori. In this grand plan, it is highly likely that theories associated with Māoritanga, iwi initiatives, mātauranga Māori, socio-cultural aspects, education, general and applied linguistics, management and strategic planning, language policy and more will provide the underlying principles for a theoretical framework in which concerns can be explored and solutions sought. However, reviewing and planning can be a complex undertaking which in itself would require a robust set of governing principles in order to carry out such tasks.

It will be interesting and worthwhile to view the content of their reviews, if possible, and to follow the future developments and outcomes of TPM.

Watch the clip below about Te Paepae Motuhake or read the following government article He kanohi hōu ki Te Paepae Motuhake

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