He kupu whai whakaaro nui mō Ākuhata

Āta rapua, āta mahia i runga i te ngākau whakaiti, i te ngākau tūpato, kia pai te whakahaere, ka mau i a koe. Āta whakaarohia te mahinga o ēnei mea kia mau i roto o ngā whakaaro. Ā pai rawa atu, mahia i runga i te rangimarie, ā, ka mau.

Written by Tiopira Potanga
Hūrae 12th 1887
Tologa Bay

Seek, search and study carefully with humble and cautious heart. Carry them out with care and you will retain them. Consider seriously the symbols of these heirlooms, to fix in one’s mind. Far better still practise them with goodwill and they will last.

English was translated by Pineāmine Wahapeka Taiapa
12th December 1968

Note: The proverbial saying above appears on the front page in the whakapapa book of Pine Taiapa, which contains thousands of names from the East Coast and tribal connections across the country (see images below)











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