English and Maori: Compulsory languages in the NZ education curriculum?

If english and maori are the official languages of new zealand, why arent they both ‘compulsory’ subjects from primary school onwards?

This question was posted on Facebook; however the link is no longer available. It has been generating some interesting and serious feedback and is not the first time it’s been asked and like the metaphor “an elephant in the living room” is one that cannot be avoided, but continues to emerge from time to time.

This is a critical issue for serious, intellectual, scholarly, wise and open discussion and that it’s the next vital step in te reo Maori revitalization and restoration in Aotearoa.

I would be interested to know what teachers across all institutions would think about Maori as a compulsory subject, how that would affect their syllabus and methodological designs and implementation and how that would impact on their own professional development.

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